KA-509 Stainless Steel Modular Cage with Rounded Corner


The Best of Best Professional S/S Modular Cage
The Best of Best Professional S/S Modular Cage

The Best of Best Professional S/S Modular Cage
Rounded corners and solid walls eliminate areas where germs can grow, leading to a better and more hygienic environment; easy to maintain and keep the space sterilized and clean.
Top grade SUS304 stainless steel material provides a long service life. Single hand locking system makes it easy to handle a dog and lock the door at the same time.
Strong front door made of 8mm and 6mm stainless steel rods makes for a safe and secure area; door options are available (i.e. transparent doors for therapy purposes) .

2L+4M+5S Bank

Magnetic Latch

Removable Door Hinge

T-joint Connectors

Professional Polishing and Finishing

Stack on Firmly and Securely

Optional: Drain Hole

Optional: Air Vent

DRY BED is optional which is the best mate for this cage system.


Net WeightGross WeightDimension (cm)Volume
(kg)(kg)W×D×H(cm) Stand W×D×H (inch)Package(cbm)

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