Kennel Shopping Process

February 16,2023

3D Online Design Solution

February 16,2023

Through the online 3D design platform, customers can upload their own construction drawings. Customers can design their own kennel scheme according to their own requirements such as quantity of cells, cell size, material selection, function selection, etc.

Pet Hospital Buying Guide Introduction of Veterinary Operation Tables

November 18,2022

Your preparation and operating tables are the starting point and focal point around which you can build your clinic. It should welcome and draw patients and their owners in. AEOLUS FT-851 and FT-851-AS series are ideal preparation table choices. The attractive white bottom cabinet offers storage for tools and supplies. It is also warm and inviting. You can choose between top quality Stainless Steel and the beautiful artificial stone basins. Both offer easy flow of waste liquid. The pre-drilled holes are ready to accept water taps (WK-301/302) installation. FT-852 and FT-861 electric tables are terrific choices that offer a different esthetic, perform quite well and have a smaller footprint. These tables both drop to very low height of less than 30cm height (less than 12”). This decreases the work load and effort needed by hospital/clinic staff, making it a bit easier to move big pets.

Mobile Van Solution Provider

November 18,2022

Mobile grooming service is getting more and more popular all over the world. Without annoying overheads, based on inexpensive investment, with much more flexible working time, mobile service has shown its beauty to many groomers.

What Is “Micro Bubble SPA”? How Does It Work?

November 18,2022

The definition of “Micro Bubble” is the bubble which is from 20~40μm. Bubbles that exceed this size range cannot be referred to as true “Micro Bubbles”. We manufacture our “Micro Bubble SPA” tub in its true sense. We added the unique function “Ozone Micro Bubble” that other similar products have not. Observe that translucent water/liquid will immediately return to the milky white color 30 seconds after the SPA is switched on.This is why we also refer to it as the “Milk SPA”.

AEOLUS TD-907 Compartment Dryer

November 18,2022

There have been a few incidents in the recent past where neglect has led to pets being endangered and even to being fatally injured. We are all pet people and we all have the same concerns about these issues. We have taken a scientific approach to refining our dryer and making it safe for use. It is a very valuable tool, but like all tools the user must be educated and experienced.


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