TD-905 Ionic Wall-hanging Dryer

Variable wind and temperature control.

TD-906 Ionic Stand Dryer

Experience hands-free fluff drying.

TD-900CG GEMINI Parallel Dual Motor Dryer

After the first batch of Gemini was sold out, many reports from all over the world commented it has “insanely strong blow force”!

TD-901GT AEOLIAN Single Motor Pet Dryer

This is the most aptly named dryer in the pet world, AEOLIAN hosed dryer! Incredible power, incredible value. This single motor dryer outperforms most dual motor dryers in this market. Its wind speed and blow force has been experienced to be believed. This dryer is revolutionizing the world of single motor pet dryers. It’s versatile too. Mount it on the wall or stand mount.


Mango’s single motor superior blow force and wind speed allows it to perform better than most double motor dryers.


TD-900XT HERCULES Dual Motor Hosed Dryer


There isn’t a better value in the grooming realm than the Cyclone.

TD-903 Cage Dryer

900 Watts - powerful enough to make sure all nozzles have equal and strong wind pressure.

TD-9011 Groomer

Groomer'sThird Arm

TD-9012 Wall Bracket for Single Motor Dryer

Wall Bracket for Single Motor Dryer

TD-9012X Wall Bracket for Hercules

Wall Bracket for Hercules

TD-9013 Dry Stand

Dry Stand for Single Motor Dryer

KA-508C Stainless Steel Cat Condo

C is for CAT!Better ventilation and more playful space. Constructed from 304 stainless steel, with S/S resting mesh panel and crawling ramp to suit the living habit of the occupants.Horizontal tunnels and removable up/down dividers, leaving more flexibility for cats.

KA-602 Economical Car Cage

New Launched hybrid material foldable car cage at an affordable cost.Double secured front door locking system, with both quick-release latch and secured clip.Easy spread-and-snap-on assembly.Super light weight, easy to transport and store.

EPW Series Exercise Pen

Perfect for show, travel and home use.

KB-511 Series Dog Show Aluminum Portable Trolley

Must-have star product for dog show of Europe and America.

KA-506 Aluminum Compound Cage

The new era cage, made from aluminum & plastic compound at a very affordable price.Flat packed, easy to assemble, robust structure; cleaning and maintenance is a breeze.Three sizes to choose from; numerous combinations could be formed.Customized sizes welcome.

Professional Grooming Apparel

Our specially coated material is waterproof, dustproof, germproof, antistatic and ventilate well.


Stylish, ventilated, comfortable, soft and light weight

KC-702 New Cat Condo Bank

UVC sterilization light and illumination light installed. Newly invented natural ventilation roof equipped, it keeps air refreshed, powered by the heat generated by animals inside. Classic central playground in the middle of the whole unit, offering great social and playing space for cats, encouraging them to discover more between compartments. Noise dampening safe magnetic latches on the front doors ensure quiet and secured door operation.

Advanced Stain & Odor Remover for CAT

Special Advanced Formula for Cat Eliminates Tough Stains and Odors Help Prevent Re-soiling


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