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KA-509D Stainless Steel Display Cage

Maximum visibility into the cages.Thick, safe tempered glass, ensures incredibly long service life without any animal paw scratching. Round cornered, fully welded cage; easy to clean and keep hygienic. Allows placement of cage units in front of existing windows.Excellent for young animal sales and adoption areas.Custom configuration welcome. We can create the perfect single, double or triple stacked display and boarding options for your space.Optional parts available, including illumination LED light, central drainage on floor, water sprayer for cleaning, heated floor, ventilation window, etc.

KA-509 Stainless steel radius corner modular cage

The Best of Best Professional S/S Modular Cage

KA-509M-TH Stainless Steel Oxygen Therapy Cage

Strong, durable 8mm thick acrylic front door fixed on 8mm diameter stainless steel frame.Very important facility for animals with cardiovascular or respiratory disease.This proven design safely, reliably, and conveniently keep pets under the oxygen condition you prescribed. Adjust the flow meter to allow oxygen into the unit.Ventilation holes predrilled on both front door and back board eliminates worry about pet inside.Thermometer and hygrometer installed on front door, display the humidity and temperature in the cage accurately. Stainless steel grid and waste tray are available.

KA-509-WET Stainless Steel Rounded Corner Cage with Waster Tray and Floor Grid

KA-509-WET series is similar to KA-509. It consists of stainless steel floor grids, removable stainless waster trays, improved doors which will prevent the floor grid from moving during using it.

KA-508 Stainless Steel Modular Cage

SUS304 stainless steel material, bite proof and vibration proof, very sturdymaterial and construction. Our smartly designed, strong, stainless steel joint connection makes for easy assembly.A standard bank consists of four small cages, three medium cages and twolarge cages assembled into a stacked grouping. Totally sealed structure eliminates droplet infection; the best choice for vet clinics and kennels.

KA-508C Stainless Steel Cat Condo

C is for CAT!Better ventilation and more playful space. Constructed from 304 stainless steel, with S/S resting mesh panel and crawling ramp to suit the living habit of the occupants.Horizontal tunnels and removable up/down dividers, leaving more flexibility for cats.

CC-1201 Brand New Cat Condo

More suitable conditions to cats. The left half of the condo is a living area equipped with resting panel; right half is an area for rest and excretion (cat litter boxes available).Rounded corners; Smooth and easy to clean and keep hygienic.Clear Stainless Steel mesh and transparent acrylic door. Easy for users to observe and free of depression for cats.Open/close the horizontal tunnel to excite and interest cats.Size customized for Group Customer. Perfect Performance!

KC-701 Cat Condo

Useful storage space for personal belongings

KA-601 Car Cage

A breakthrough design in the portable car crate realm. Great looking, light weight and sturdy construction. Made of 100% aluminum material; light weight for ease of transport. Smart flat packing design is only 7cm thick when folded up. No bolts or nuts required, just easy spread and snap on assembly. Constructed with slim, sturdy aluminum tubing, yields an attractive, strong rigid cage. Fully sealed bottom base prevents waste fluid running off and contains waste products.

KA-602 Economical Car Cage

New Launched hybrid material foldable car cage at an affordable cost.Double secured front door locking system, with both quick-release latch and secured clip.Easy spread-and-snap-on assembly.Super light weight, easy to transport and store.

VK-CD Series Travel Pet Kennel

Portable pet carrier for air travel, car travel or visit to the vet for small dogs, cats, rabbits,hedgehogs, chinchillas, piggies, etc.

EPW Series Exercise Pen

Perfect for show, travel and home use.

KA-510 Fiberglass Modular Cage

The newest addition to the our cage line, KA-510 fiberglass cage, has been developed to look great,work functionally, and outlast the average modular cages in the market.

KA-510M-TH Fiberglass Medium Size Oxygen Therapy Cage

An optional acrylic door easily tranforms the unit into a therapy cage.Thermometer and hygrometer preinstalled on the door, for accurate temperature and humidity monitoring.

KA-506 Aluminum Compound Cage

The new era cage, made from aluminum & plastic compound at a very affordable price.Flat packed, easy to assemble, robust structure; cleaning and maintenance is a breeze.Three sizes to choose from; numerous combinations could be formed.Customized sizes welcome.

KA-505-SS Stainless Steel Hybrid Cage

Cost-effective Stainless Steel Modular Cage Bank System. Economical and Functional.

KA-505 Powder Coated Modular Cage

This professional modular cage system includes everything you need (pans, grates and cage connectors) to build a kennel area unique to your space and needs.

KA-505D Stainless Steel Display Cage

Stainless Steel Modular Display Cage with Solid Walls.

KA-503 Professional Modular Wire Cage

These cages are designed to ship Flat Packed, resulting in compact master carton ensuringeconomical transportation cost.

KA-509-DRN Stainless Steel Modular Cage

Special drainage system removes your stress of cage cleaning in day to day maintenance. 65mm ultra big pipe ensures fluent waste fluid draining. Based on classic KA-509 cage system with radius corners, the cage is super easy to be cleaned by water stream. Sizes can be tailored according to actual space and practical needs.

KA-509-RES Cat Restraint Cage

Specifically designed for the easy handling of cats during injections, examinations, or anytime absolute control is a must. Squeeze panel hung on two rolling tracks ensures very smooth back-forth movement. Easy to grip strong holding bars at front of the squeeze panels make the operation fairly easy.

KA-509-ISO Specialized Isolation Cage

Specially designed reverse sloped floor contains all the infectious liquid in cage; the draining pipe on the back guides the fluid away fluently.

CC-1301 S/S Cat Cage

Space saving solution for cat holding. Slim size maximizes the space usage, versatile combinations realize varied applications. Horizontal crawling holes pre-drilled, with S/S doors equipped for animal activity management. Thick rubber edge protection added to make sure there’s no sharp edge in the whole system. Durable front door made from S/S and transparent acrylic materials, ensures good ventilation and reliable strength. HDPE middle resting platforms included too.

KC-801 Cat Condo Series

Wonderful Fish shaped decorative patterns realized on this fantastic cat condo. Luxury vertical living space on top, with scale shaped ventilation holes on front door and playful mezzanine platforms installed in the space. Tall scratching post encourages cats to discover more in vertical direction and have more fun in the compartment. Specially designed sunken toilet and sleeping room are the favorite space for many cats; they love to have a little privacy there. Functional storage cabins at the bottom of whole unit for keeping the personal belongings handily.

KC-702 New Cat Condo Bank

UVC sterilization light and illumination light installed. Newly invented natural ventilation roof equipped, it keeps air refreshed, powered by the heat generated by animals inside. Classic central playground in the middle of the whole unit, offering great social and playing space for cats, encouraging them to discover more between compartments. Noise dampening safe magnetic latches on the front doors ensure quiet and secured door operation.

Nylon Mattress

Made of polyolefin fibers. Safe, non-toxic, and recyclable.

Dry Bed

Super-high quality warm bed,super-density fiber, heat preserving and dampproof.

Car Cage KA-601

A breakthrough design in the portable car crate realm.

Stainless Steel Intensive Care Unit UC-1701

An inexpensive but still professional solution for animal body temperature management or for intensive cares service.

VK-CD-03 Travel Pet Kennel

Travel Pet Kennel, Portable pet carrier for air travel, car travel or visit to the vet for small dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas, piggies, etc.

VK-CD-04 Travel Pet Kennel

Travel Pet Kennel, Portable pet carrier for air travel, car travel or visit to the vet for small dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas, piggies, etc.

VK-CD-05 Travel Pet Kennel

Travel Pet Kennel, Portable pet carrier for air travel, car travel or visit to the vet for small dogs, cats, rabbits, hedgehogs, chinchillas, piggies, etc.


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