TD-900XT HERCULES Dual Motor Hosed Dryer
TD-900XT HERCULES Dual Motor Hosed Dryer

Hercules, The Hero in the name of Hero!
Super Blow Force
Incredible blow force of 955 grams and even more amazing wind speed of 95m/s, beats every recorded cyclone on earth, make TD-900XT the most powerful dual motor pet dryer available. 

Motor Life Span
Longer carbon brush of 38mm (1.5"), is the longest currently on the market. Smaller sparks created by smaller carbon pellets and smoother rotor give the TD-900XT a longer lifespan (by 30%) compared to the previous model. 

Energy Savings
A better air flow system and a smaller flow friction force, has allowed TD-900XT to perform at a higher energy efficient ratio, yielding a 30% savings in energy consumption over previous models. 

Use our wall mount to get the dryer off the floor or countertop and away from the work space area. 10' hose provides enough length to allow you to walk around a grooming table. Variable heat and power controls.

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