TD-909C Pet Drying Cabinet - Cubic

inner size: 48.5cmW*47cmD*42cmH Outside size 50W*52D*73cmH Drying a Ragdoll in 18 minutes!

TD-909R Pet Drying Cabinet - Round

inner size: 48.5cm diameter 58cm height Outside size 51cm diameter 93.5cm height Drying a Ragdoll in 19 minutes!

TD-907/907L Compartment Dryer

Automatic shut-off timer, could be set from 5-30 minutes. 

TD-907T Pet Drying Cabinet

This drying cabinet is a revolutionary product! Groomers just need put pets in and press some buttons to start drying. When this pet is being dried, groomers can turn for another drying. Cabinet drying brings groomers a totally new drying style. No tables, no blowers, no noise, no hot air, no close touch and scratch, no pets out of control, no floc and hair everywhere. What you need to do is just to open, put, close, press, open and take out. To clear and clean the filter and internal surface now and then is also a piece of cake. Less labor and expense, more customers to serve. Especially good for sensitive species like cat, avoiding scratching accidents significantly. To change or not to change, that is not a question.

TD-907TW Pet Drying Cabinet

Big room enough for drying a large-size dog, or drying two middle-size pets when the dividing panel is inserted;


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