Grooming Tables


Ø23.5"×3"H Ø60cm×7.62cmH

DMC-150 Anti Fatigue Semi-Circle Floor Mat

The 6 Main Benefits of Using Anti-Fatigue Mat

TM-4824-003 Table Top Mat

The best mate for any grooming tables, giving the best comfort ever to pets.

NL-LG20 Colorful Nylon Loop

This new grooming loop is made of woven nylon ribbon which is tight knitted that makes it washable, durable and be strong enough. It features a diamondpattern decorated aluminum slider that locks tightly into place, making pets control easy. The aluminum slider allows it easy to adjust collar size that makes it be suited to any breeds of pets.

FT-80403 The “Max Miracle” Super Heavy Duty Grooming Arm

Large, easy to use adjuster knob. Specially designed wide surface clamp top provides secured restraint.


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