Grooming Tables

FT-807-SS Round Hydraulic Table with S/S Drawer

Ø23.5"×30"-35.4"H Ø60cm×77cm-90cmH

FT-807 Cost Effective Round Hydraulic Table

Very affordable hydraulic grooming table. Lockable swivel table top made from high quality MDF board with black anti-slippery rubber mat attached.

FT-891-OV Oval Top Electric Pedestal Grooming Table

Stable Lifting column finds your most ergonomic height without any stress.

FT-893 LED Lighting Pedestal Lifting Table

Fancy table is the best mate for your fashionable grooming salon!

FT-889 ACE Deluxe Grooming Table

The new flagship of our grooming table fleet.

FT-838/838REC Air Lift Grooming Table

60cm (23-1/2") diameter table top swivels 360° smoothly on central shaft, making it possible toview the dog from any angle.

FT-801 X-style Electric lifting table

Fully covered solid base, leaves hygienic and easy to clean working environment.

FT-833E Electric Mobile Grooming Table

The hottest new table offering is the ideal choice for grooming shows.Wide range height adjustment, from 22cm to 100cm.Unique electric driving system. Four heavy duty casters ensure great mobility and easy moving.Stainless steel matte finish hand control panel for accurate height setting.Large tabletop, accommodating most large breeds.

FT-898 Big Z Electric Lift Table

Wide height adjustable range, from 10” to 48”. It has a huge loading capacity of 350lbs.

FT-899 Accordion Table

Extremely stable and sturdy, this table has an exceptionally broad lifting range,

FT-721Pro Single Column Electric Lifting Table

Slim, stable and smart.An ultra slim single column mechanism system provides unbeatably comfortable legroom.Very fast lifting speed with great loading capacity up to 80kg. Super stable metal base, made from 10mm thick solid metal panel. All functional Pro series accessories included in the complete table, such as power supply receptacle, tools organizing bar and handy clear drawer.Fantastic rubberizing coating top, anti-slippery, super durable and very long lasting.

FT-721 Single lifting-Column Grooming Table

Foldable manual switch control.

FT-722 Double Column Electric Lifting Tablechieving

A wonderful double column electric lifting grooming table.Soft fully wrapping rubberizing coating on top provides nice anti-slippery and comfortable experience for pets.Ultra high speed linear actuator system allows quick adjustment of height, achieving the most ergonomic point in a second.Heavy and super stable base made from 10mm metal board.Optional work station accessories available too, including power receptacle, handy drawer and tools organizing bar.

FT-806 Series Super Stable Electric Lifting Table

Two table options, FT-806 and FT-806S are metal framed with wooden table top

FT-804 Series Adjustable Grooming Table

Rock-solid at any adjusted height, from 51.5-101cm.

FT-829 Grooming Table with LED Light

This table will be the featured performer, the showcased table in your grooming salon.

FT-809 Ultra Stable Electric Lifting Table

Descend to lower height, rise up to higher,load more weight, be more compact packing

FT-805C Round Hydraulic Table with Cabinet

Practical design with storage compartment to help groomers stay organized.

FT-805REC Rectangular Hydraulic Grooming Table

H-Frame base offers stability and discourages wobbling.


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