Medical Equipment

KaniStar TSaaS ICU UC-2005-2007-2008

ICU- A tool used to improve quality of life for patients around the world. Kanistar is here to redefine the meaning of that care with our new interactive and innovative ICU line.

UC-200X Series TSAAS Animal ICU

The Kanistar ICU line is meticulously designed to provide optimal care for animal patients, significantly aiding and accelerating their recovery process. At its core, the Kanistar ICU maintains stable temperature and humidity levels, creating a comfortable environment essential for newborn animals, especially those born via caesarean section, who struggle to regulate their body temperature. This advanced ICU system significantly improves their survival rates by offering a warm and controlled environment.

Stainless Steel Intensive Care Unit

An inexpensive but still professional solution for animal body temperature management or for intensive cares service.

UC-1801 KaniKare ICU

Improved Humidification System. The new water reservoir is placed in the middle of the right sided chamber, easy to refill water and check running status.


The new economical version of the fabulous ICU unit will be launched in 2018!


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