Medical Equipment

TX-UDV-01 UV Sterilization Trolley

Designed to reduce viruses, mold spores, yeast, and harmful bacteria.

DTL-P302S Mobile Dental Cart

Electric lifting and easy movement with silent medical casters and storage space for foot pedal;

ESU-1000CI Portable Intelligent Electrosurgical Unit

Applicable to Cutting and Coagulation of all kind of operations;

TX-BDS-04 Swing Saw

Mainly used for joint surgery in knee surgery


Horizontal osteotomy of tibial plateau in animals

TX-BDS-01 Cannulated Bone Drill

Ideal tool for K-wire, intramedullary nail, and endoscopic surgery.

TX-OTS-02 Diagnostic Set with Metal-case Rechargeable Handle

Replacement Lithium Ion Battery included;

TX-OTS-01 Diagnostic Set with Lightweight Rechargeable Handle

Half the weight of traditional 3.5 V handles, and fits more comfortably in your hand.

TX-HDL-05 Headlight

World famous longlife 5W LED bulb with high brightness and CRI.

TX-HDL-04 Headlight

3W LED bulb with high brightness.

TX-HDL-03 Headlight

5W world-famous LED with high brightness.

TX-HDL-02 Headlight

5W world-famous LED with high brightness and CRI, nearly sunlight color temperature.

TX-HDL-01 Headlight

3W international brand LED with high brightness and long life.

TX-BM-05 Biological Microscope

Trinocular with Tablet Computer

TX-BM-04 Biological Microscope

Trinocular with built-in Digital Camera and Monitor

TX-BM-03 Biological Microscope

Trinocular with Video Camera

TX-BM-02 Biological Microscope

Trinocular with Digital Camera

TX-BM-01 Biological Microscope

Binocular without accessory camera

ES-801 Endoscope

Endoscope made and assembled in France.

ANS-1701 KANISTAR Veterinary Anesthesia Machine

Used for pet anesthesia before and during surgery, especially thoracotomy, lung tumorresection, cardiac surgery, thoracic and esophageal surgery, diaphragmatic hernia repairsurgery and so on.

Synchronized Ventilator

ANITHERA Veterinary Active/Passive Ventilator

KO2-2F KO2 Kanoxy Oxygen Concentrator

LCD display, allowing easy and accurate air flow management.

KO2-10F KO2 Kanoxy Oxygen Concentrator

A true 10L capacity oxygen generator!

Medical Pendant

This medical pendant system is designed to facilitate movement, support loads and supply medical equipment with electrical, gas, or data.

HFP-DD90/160 Double arm Endoscopy pendant

Double arm Endoscopy pendant


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