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DTL-681 Dental Delivery System

Dental delivery system DTL-681An integrated dental tools driving and delivery system for you.

FT-851-AS Preparation Table Dental Table with Stainless Steel Tub

Preparation Table Dental Table with Stainless Steel Tub

FT-851-SS Preparation Table Dental Table with Stainless Steel Tub

Fully constructed out of 304 stainless steel for durability.

FT-888 V-top Deluxe Operation Table

More ergonomic working position, allows veterinarians to get even closer to patients and avoid knee or back pains/injuries caused by bad postures.

FT-828/828H V-top Operation Table

A two panel table top system that adjusts from horizontal to near vertical to hold the pets in the desired position during surgery.

FT-886/886H Universal Surgical Table

V-top Operation Table Powered by sturdy and reliable Danish made lift column.

FT-887 New Universal V-top Surgery Table

Optional heated top disperses heat evenly across the tabletop.

FT-826 Multi-functional Operation Table

There are two options for this wonderful table, FT-826 hydraulic, FT-826E electric.

FT-853 Ophthalmology & Dental Table

Dual functional table. Fully constructed from 1.2mm thick 304 grade stainless steel; the table is very durable and reliable.

FT-854 Electric Lift Operation Table

Sturdy Z style stainless steel base ensures stability.

FT-855 Tilting Top Exam Table

This is a versatile, utilitarian table that will serve you well and take a beating.

FT-862 Low-Low Operation Table

Dropping to within 10” of the floor makes this operation table an exceptional tool.

FT-863 Low-Low Dental Table

Heavy duty lifting mechanism and very durable linear actuator system, able to lift up to 250lbs.

FT-827 Rotating Operation Table

49''(L)x24''(W) flat top. Table can be lifted from 55cm to100cm (22"-40").

FT-835 Transportation Table

A unique one-act-lift system with automatic locking latch, allowing quick release operation too.

FT-852 Electric Lifting Dental Table

SUS304 stainless steel table top and electric lifting base will provide you with great service for years to come.

FT-861 Electric Lifting Exam Table

SUS304 stainless steel table top and electric lifting base provide a great table you’ll reply on for years.

KB-521 Deluxe Mobile Tool Cart w/ Cabinet

Stainless steel construction, practical and functional design.

KB-531 Mayo Table

Compact size, but large enough for most surgical procedures.


1.3m (4 ¼“) to 2.2m (7 ¼”) adjustable height.

KB-524 Mobile Tool Cart

Stainless Steel construction. Stable, durable and scratch resistant.

WF-301/302 Professional Multi-functional Faucet

For cleaning wounds and irrigating during dental procedures.

WOS-4824 Walk on Scale

Large size at 120cm by 60cm (48”×24”).

WOS-FL-2010 Walk-on Scale

Weighing capacity up to 20kg.

WOS-FL-4010 Walk-on Scale

Weighing capacity up to 40kg.

FT-825 Series Hydraulic or Electrical Stainless Steel Operation Table

Sturdy tables with stainless steel surface and reinforced construction that discourages wobbling and tipping.

FT-871/871E Multi-functional Economic Electric Operation Table

This table provides valuable service at cost effective prices.

FT-872/872E Multi-functional Lifting Operation Table

Two options: FT-872 hydraulic and FT-872E electric.

FT-843 Wall Mount Exam Table

Maximize valuable space with this wonderful fold-up wall mount table.

TT-201 Stainless Steel Bi-level Vet Tub

Manufactured with seamless welded construction from SUS304 stainless steel.

TT-202 Tub Table

Cost effective and versatile, designed for multiple uses; tub table/ dental table and preparation table.

FT-881 Universal Surgical Table

Tabletop is 120cmL × 60cmW (47 1/4"L x 23 1/2"W); very practical size.

FT-882 Universal Operation Table

Neatly welded and nice polished table top, constructed from SUS304 stainless steel.

FT-870L Exam Table

Sturdy, versatile, all purpose fixed stand table.

FT-822M Scale Table

This extremely accurate Scale Table is ideal for your clinic

FT-873L Economical Examination Table

Sturdy pedestal and wide stance base make the most of your space and provide plenty of operating room.

FT-874X Economical Examination Table

Stainless Steel Top with wooden support.

KB-520 Mobile Tool Cart

Quality 304 stainless steel.

Consultant Room Island

Combined by columns and several preparation tables. Versatile, can be configured with varied elements like prep tables, sinks, tubs, and fold-down tables.

IP-102 Heavy Duty Infusion Stand

Strong and versatile, enabling easy infusions and drips wherever you need it.

WOS-3624 Walk on Scale

Medium Size: 90-60cm 4” thick; easy walk on access for large animal.

Instrument Trolley

Constructed from 100% 304 stainless steel. Safety folds to all edges, with reinforced shelves.


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